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The smart way to build your business

We offer a range of solutions, which will help you build your business by enabling you to securely process payments over the phone, online and through mail order.


Online payments

Our online solutions include everything you will need to take payments through your website.

Phone payments & mail order

No matter where you are in the world, you can accept payments over the phone and process mail orders, without the need for a website, through our virtual terminal.

Pay by link

Our pay by link solution enables you to send unique payment links directly to your customers.

‘Pay now’ button

Add a secure ‘Pay Now’ button on your website, forum or newsletter to let your customers buy one item at a time without the need for a shopping cart.

Who we are

QubePay is a global provider of secure online payment solutions, whose success is built on core values of innovation, commitment, passion and trust. We aim to provide innovative payment solutions which allow smart, secure and easy operations to enable our merchants to grow and excel in the rapidly evolving commerce markets.

Why choose QubePay

By focusing on our customers’ individual needs, we aim to deliver safe, reliable and cost efficient payment solutions, with simple integration, round the clock customer service and additional layers of security to minimise fraud. We also strive to develop genuine relationships you can trust and rely on.

Integrates easily with many e-commerce platforms

Those are just a few, there are plenty more

Simple pricing

Extremely competitive pricing to help your business grow.

Fees from as low as 2.5% + £0.25 per transaction.

No monthly fee.

Free sign up.

Get in touch to discuss a pricing solution to suit your needs.


We’re always here to help

We are committed to providing you with service, support and professional advice to help with all of your needs.

Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you get started.